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My little Girls,Phoebie and Quiver

My Friend Noi from ChiangMai Thailand

Left to Right
Bonnie Brauer, Jim J. Miller, Judge Franz Kugler,
John H. Miller, George F. Miller eating lunch
in Pfafenhoffen Germany(Bavaria)
on September 18, 1997

John and Phoebe sailing on Lake Michigan in Milwaukee harbor.

Phoebe, Jim and Maggie sailing in Milwaukee's harbor

Bonnie at Cabin 2 miles north of Kewaunee at Rostok.

Boyd, Kathy and Bonnie at cabin at Rostok.

Sunrise at Rostok over Lake Michigan.

Rosemary, Molly, Phoebe and CharlieJoe Nadolski at Mashek's Creek by Lake Michigan

Mark Nadolski feeding Quiver in cabin at Rostok

Maggie, John, Phoebe and friends

Phoebe, Bob, Quiver, John and Jim on Lake Michigan

 Quiver, Phoebe, John, Jim and Bob on Lake Michigan

Johann(German), Jim, Anna(German), Martin(German) and John at park in Milwaukee

John and 2nd Cousin from Germany Michaella

John's kindergarten photo from Algoma(circa 1958)

John, Roman soldier and Franz Kugler in Las Vegas

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